Exercise Psychology

(Exercise and Psychological Fitness, Exercise Commitment, Exercise Addiction, Exercise and Motivation, Exercise Behavior Assessment Strategies)

Sport Psychology

(Personality, Motivation, Anxiety and Stress, Group Dynamics, Character Development in Sports, Coach and Sportsman Communication)

Applied Sports Psychology

(Mental Training, Burnout, Leaving Sport, Imagination, Coping with Injuries, Stress and Anxiety Control, Goal Setting, Focusing)

Measurement and Evaluation in Exercise and Sport Psychology

(Applications aimed at measuring mental-psychological skills within the scope of assessment and evaluation, Attention and Concentration Tests, Motivation (Motivation) Tests, Mind Animation Tests, Optimal Performance Tests)

Motor Learning and Control

(Motor Learning - Changes in movement (Skill Learning), Motor Development - Skill development and age relationship (Psychomotor Development), Motor Control - Central nervous system muscle and joint movements between the relationship)


Papers in other fields of Sport Sciences

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